Monday, June 13, 2016

First Kisses and New Releases

Hi, everyone! As a romance author, you can bet that I love great first kiss stories. I have to admit, my own first kiss was less than perfect. If I recall correctly, there were braces and split lips and the shock of learning tongues were involved in the whole process. No wonder I turned to romance novels!

Since my own first kiss left something to be desired, I thought I’d share the first kiss between Jade and Logan, the hero and heroine of my newest release, Summer with the Soldier (Holiday Encounters Book 4). Theirs was a little more romantic than my own:

His eyes drifted closed, and I couldn’t help myself. I gave into the urge driving me and leaned down to press a kiss against his lips.
I meant it to be only a quick, comforting peck, but he must have had other ideas. As I went to pull away, one of his hands came up and caught me behind the head, gently but firmly cradling it and holding me hostage against his mouth.
His lips were warm and firm as he slowly nibbled, kissing first my bottom lip and then the top. This was no comforting, hello, nice-to-see-you kind of kiss. This was a Kiss. With a capital K.

For more Logan and Jade (I will admit, they get up to a little bit more than kissing) you can grab a copy of their story on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited here: 

I also want to share with everyone a new project I'm working on along with five other talented authors, the Alaskan Den Men Series. There are eighteen books planned so far, all of them featuring sexy werebear shifters and tons of feel good romance! 

For more info about these books, you can take a look here: 

Happy Reading! 
Amy Lamont 


  1. Yay! Loved this couple!

    Best of luck on the new series!