Monday, April 11, 2016

Book Ideas are Springing Up All Over

If you read Heather’s post last week, you know that Mother Nature’s been taking her own sweet time moving spring into the Warwick Valley.

While the snow melted fairly quickly, the temperatures aren’t moving in the right direction. We’re all hoping spring will make an appearance before too much longer. Thank goodness I don’t have to wait on Mother Nature for my book ideas!

The truth is I get ideas for stories everywhere—books, movies, song lyrics, television shows, people watching, dreams. It’s amazing how one tiny thought can spark the idea for an entire book or series.

My problem isn’t getting ideas. My problem is deciding which ones to turn into books, and once I’ve decided, sticking with the project until the end. I tend to suffer from shiny object syndrome. I’ll start working on one project and then…squirrel!!

Some other couple is begging me to drop everything and tell their story. It’s hard telling them no, but I’ve learned from experience that if I start a new story every time a fresh idea springs to mind, I’d never finish anything.

The good news for my readers is that this means I’ll have plenty of books in the works for years to come!

And speaking of good news…if you haven’t had a chance to grab Christmas with the Billionaire, the first book in my Holiday Encounters series, you’re in luck! It'll be free on Amazon from April 12-16. 

Happy Reading!
Amy Lamont

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