Monday, January 25, 2016

Sometimes Change is a Good Thing-a new release for author Tracey J Lyons in 2016

     Change is never easy, but for the characters in my upcoming 2016 release, A Changed Agent (Waterfall Press) change is right around the corner… A man without a place to call home, William Benson has always been perfectly suited to the rough and solitary lifestyle of a Pinkerton Agent. A loner by nature Will has no room for anyone special in his life which suits him just fine. A man in his position should remain unencumbered by emotional ties. William wholeheartedly believes in this theory right up until the day he has a ready-made family thrust upon him.

     Elsie Mitchell is about to enter spinsterhood, an unfortunate occurrence she hadn’t planned on considering just a few short months ago she’d been anticipating her wedding. When her fiancé jilts her without explanation, Elsie resolves to lead a happy, productive life regardless of her marital status. With her broken heart finally on the mend, she immerses herself in her life as a schoolteacher. She’s dreams of traveling beyond the small town of Heartston, New York and saves every penny for her adventures. Indeed, Elsie Mitchell’s life is almost perfect until the day she crosses paths with the secretive William Benton and his two young charges.

     I love writing books with characters who think their lives are great just the way they are and then one day, poof! It all changes. A Changed Agent is set in the late 1800’s against the backdrop of the rugged and beautiful Adirondack Mountain region of New York State. This is one of my favorite places to visit. And in this book I get to revisit the setting for my first ever published novel, Mountain Jewel. Though not a sequel or even a connected book to my first one, developing this story and these characters has been a nice change for me. I got to delve into the inspirational romance genre, something I wasn’t that far off from in my Women of Surprise series.  Look for A Changed Agent (Waterfall Press) coming in July 2016.
Adirondack inspiration for the setting of A Changed Agent

Why I set my books in the Adirondacks!
Tell me, if you were to write a book and set it in your favorite place where would that be?

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