Monday, January 18, 2016

New Book, New Series + BONUS: New Cover Reveal!

Are you one of those people who hate to promote your own stuff? I certainly am. I love to share the accomplishments of others and if it has to do with my kids, well, then it's no holds barred. But me, and my stuff...well, I thank my friends at the Warwick Valley Romance Writers for "forcing" my hand...

Anyway, I have a lot on my plate this year to keep me busy and I certainly hope you will all join me in my newest ventures.


First up, I will finally be releasing Inner Strength, the sixth e-book in my series, Strong Armed. Following the story of fan favorites, Bryn and Carson, this is a stand-alone series supplement that picks up when the couple relocates to Switzerland for medical treatment. Their carefree, open marriage is put to the ultimate test as secrets are revealed (including exactly what happened on New Year's Eve) and sibling rivalries are acknowledged.

So many readers requested more Bryn and Carson and I hope I don't disappoint in this full-length novel, that includes three parts in one release told from both Bryn and Carson's point of view. A link will be posted on my Facebook page, Elisabeth Mayer - Romance Author and on my website, as soon as it is released.

Note: the story takes place beyond the original series & contains series spoilers.


But that's not all! I am currently finishing up my newest series, The Chosen, which will be released this spring. I stepped out of my comfort zone for this one and explored the supernatural; an experience that was both challenging and liberating at the same time. Here's a quick description:

Livvy Collins arrives at her Aunt Anna's house in Salem, Massachusetts just in time to fall head over heels in love with Michael Fairely. Michael is the perfect guy in every way and she feels an instant bond. In no time, she knows Michael is her soulmate and that she will spend her life with him. She cannot find a single flaw in her perfect man; that is, until she learns he is the son of the devil.

The complete e-book series: Satan's Son, Satan's Mistress & Satan's Choice will be released together. And to kick off this new year right, my cover release! These were just received last Thursday! Aren't they hot?



2016 will also find me expanding into print. So many people have asked and steps are already in motion to make it happen. The first series to be available in print editions will be my first e-book series, published in 2012, The Dragonfly Series: All That I Am, All That I Want & All That I Have. It is currently being rejuvenated and receiving a cover facelift. 

Watch my Facebook page for more info.

And coming this summer:
 Faith, Hope & Joy - a series of three standalone love stories.


So I hope you'll all tag along for the ride. 2016 promises to be a busy year!

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  1. That's a whole lot of terrific news!
    Congrats and best of luck!