Monday, November 2, 2015

Welcome and Happy November!

Welcome to the very first blog post from the Warwick Valley Romance Authors!

The Warwick Valley is in southern New York with a rich history of living off the land, a hard day's work, and real craftsmanship.

This region is also known for its commerce and culture. It's full of artists and musicians who love to share their unique talents with neighbors and visitors.

As authors living in this great area we wanted to do the same thing. Collaborate and share our resources so we can reach more of you ... the readers.


November is a very exciting month for it holds one of my favorite holidays. Thanksgiving.
It was the one holiday I could always count on to do my favorite and watch football.

My mother taught me how to make just about every awesome Thanksgiving dish there is, although I've now learned a few more from my mother-in-law.

We spent days in the kitchen together. Planning the meals and desserts. Chopping and slicing. Simmering and baking. Making the dining room table festive.

My dad would get up at some unreasonable hour on Thanksgiving Day to put the gigantic turkey in the oven so we could eat our big meal early.

There was always too much food, and even though you swore you'd never eat again, later that day we would make thick turkey sandwiches and eat them while we watched the football game.

These memories are such a huge part of my life. I'm very lucky to live so close to my parents, and my husband's family, so that we can keep these traditions alive.

Heather M. Gardner


The WVRA will post each Monday so make sure you come back to visit us to learn more about our holiday memories and traditions in November and stay tuned for some holiday recipes in December!

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  1. That's why I like Thanksgiving - food and football. And there is always room for a turkey sandwich later.

    1. Yes! Sounds like we have the same Thanksgiving, Alex. :)

  2. I have so many fond memories of Thanksgiving growing up and now I host the big day at my house and have for a long time. It's such great family time and it's tough to pick a favorite part.
    Susan Says

    1. I like it so much better than that December holiday. No added present pressure. :)
      Thank you!