Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fall in Love…with Paranormal Romance

Happy September, friends!! This has always been my absolute favorite time of year, and I’ve found even more reason to love it since moving to the Warwick Valley. Nothing beats the autumn colors, the farmers markets, and the fall festivals that abound in this neck of the woods. And there’s something else I’ve fallen in love with lately. Here’s how it happened…

About a year ago, a friend of mine approached me with an idea. She wanted to get together a group of authors to write a series together. We’d have a similar theme and setting to each book in the series, but we could write our own standalone books.

My first thought—interesting idea!

Then she explained it a little more. Turned out the series she was inviting me to take part in was a paranormal romance series. She wanted us all to write about bear shifters who lived and loved in remote areas of Alaska.

That’s where my enthusiasm dimmed.

Bear shifters? Paranormal romance? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a fan of paranormal romance for a long time. Karen Marie Moning and J.R. Ward are a couple of my favorite authors. And I’ve got my feet firmly in the #TeamEdward camp.

But…while I might read paranormal romance the way some people eat potato chips, I don’t write paranormal romance. Or at least I didn’t.

My friend managed to somehow convince me to give it a go. I sat at my laptop with lots of worries. How would I create a whole new world? What sorts of problems would werebears have that were different from the rest of us? And the biggest worry of all…would my readers even like paranormal romance? 

I wish I knew then what I know now. It would have saved me lots of anxiety. And what do I know now? Writing paranormal romance is so much fun! I have an entirely new world of conflict and problems to present my characters with. And the world they live in is limited only by my imagination.

Now my third paranormal romance is about to be released, and I have to admit, I’m hooked. I have a feeling my romance with PNR will be one that lasts a long time!

How about you guys? Are you lovers of paranormal romance? And if so, what kinds of paranormal heroes are your favorites? 



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Happy Reading! 
Amy Lamont