Monday, May 2, 2016

May at WVRA = Author news and updates. #Romance

We each have a little bit of good news to share with all of you, so stick around for the month of May to find out more!

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The month of May isn't much warmer than April so far here in New York, but we are dreaming of days we can curl up in a deck chair, porch chair, or a beach chair and read our favorite books in the sunshine!

I have two pieces of good news to share with you!

My publisher, InkSpell Publishing, has graciously made my two romance novels, Already Home and One Good Catch, available in trade paperback!

I'm thrilled to be able to offer readers this choice because I know so many of you enjoy reading actual books instead of virtual ones.


Already Home

One Good Catch


Already Home

One Good Catch



The Thing That Turned Me, an Anthology

We make decisions every day that will affect us for the rest of our lives: to stay or to go; to rise to the challenge or to crumble under its weight; to take the chance or do we let opportunity pass us by, without knowing what might have been. An open door. A chance encounter. A moment of truth. All such small things that can decide the rest of our lives without our even realizing it.

This variegated collection of authors of varying genres bring you pictures of these chances…these things that turn us—for better or for worse—and change our lives forever.

Will you recognize your moment when it comes?

Publisher: Stay Classy Publications
Cover Design: Harper L. Jameson
Release Day: 5-31-2016

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My contribution:

Title: Before We Break  
Author: Heather M. Gardner
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Blurb: As Jack Munro struggles with an old demon, Maggie Maguire attempts to show him there's always another way.


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