Monday, February 15, 2016

The pair who started it all: Gavin and Ericka

Asking an author who is their favorite character or characters is the same as asking them to choose a favorite child. It's difficult. No respectable parent chooses one child over the other. But as authors, we can tread ever so lightly over that forbidden line and say we like a set of characters more than the others. The only risk: the others may not speak for awhile and thus the creative flow ceases. I choose not to take that chance. I'm such a slow writer that even the slightest possibility they won't speak can create a void in the story and days without typing a word.

What I have chosen to do is introduce you to the eldest brother, Gavin, of the Cursed MacKinnons series and his lovely wife, Ericka. Their story started in the first book of the series Curse of the Gargoyle and they have been instrumental characters for the rest of the family members throughout the continuation of this saga.
In 1740 Scotland, seven brothers were turned to stone by the Curse of the Gargoyle. Each is being set free in today's time by the women of their destinies.

 Book one in the Cursed MacKinnons series
Gavin has been entombed in stone for hundreds of years, waiting for the right person to break the curse that put him there. After the voice of an unknown woman speaks the special words to free him, he finds himself in a time that is no longer his own. Though this woman pleasures him in every imaginable way, he’s still racked with anguish for all he’s lost. Duty, honor and his deep-seated need for revenge consume him.
Ericka thought flying to Scotland was the toughest feat of her life. That was until she met a ghost and freed a seventeenth-century Scottish hunk from stone. Ghosts aren’t real and curses don’t exist. Hot sex with Gavin fuels her imagination, but he can’t possibly be her soul mate, or can he…
The evil behind the curse lingers. Gavin is stone by day, man by night. Together they fight, determined to overcome the source behind the curse. But if they fail, their love could be lost for eternity.

Gavin and Ericka started this creative journey for me and it has ventured into a total of six books so far with the potential for more. I'm currently in the process of creating Aunt May's story. She's been such an amazing force behind this clan that she deserves some happiness of her own.

Tara Nina

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