Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Oh Christmas tree!

Every year I swear I'm going to break down and buy a fake tree. They don't shed needles every where  and when you're done with it, you simply fold it up or break it apart and pack it away. Then next year, poof you've got an instant tree. But... It never happens.
I think I'd truly miss the smell of a real tree being in the house. I love decorating it. Keeping it watered is a task that sometimes gets overlooked, but I try.
When the kids were little, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, while everyone else was fighting it out in stores shopping, we would be on a tree farm hunting for the perfect Christmas tree. Love those memories. The search, the debates, and the final selection. Then came the cussing while trying to cut it down with the not-too-sharp saw the tree farm provided. Granted, after the first year or so, we brought our own saw in the form of a small chainsaw. LOL. It made it so much easier.
The past couple of years, this tradition has gone array, with the kids grown and schedules not jiving, I've turned to making a donation to the local volunteer fire department and purchased the family tree.
Here's the latest rendition:

I've also got a new release just in time for Christmas. It called Wish Upon A Christmas Star and it's available for pre-order @
It releases on December 18th. I love writing stories about Military families. This one is about a Marine who is determined to reach home and be with his wife on Christmas.

There's no snow deep enough to keep this Marine from the woman he left behind.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Happy Holidays!
Wishing Everyone a Wonderful day!
Tara Nina

Come party on the EC Facebook page on Friday, December 18th for chances to win prizes as we celebrate all the Stocking Stuffer releases.

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  1. The tree is the only thing we do and we didn't even get one yet. Still a few days left!
    Best of luck!!